Towards a world of ultimate bribability

Obama gets the Peace Nobel Price, Moody´s, Fitch, S&P give a triple A rating to Lehman Brothers, the ECB buys European Bonds, IAEO accuses Iran of having a nuclear weapons programm…, what happened to good old independence?  Nowadays everyone and every institution seems bribable.

To give things the spin you want seems to be only a matter of price, in this respect the free market radicals are right: everything is marketable. But my personal interpretation of this is still somewhat different. It is less in terms of market radicals , conspiracies and secret societies, than that of politics as a reflection of mans deeper nature and things as they are.

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…Tuly, I say to you that you, today, even this night, before the cock’s second cry, will say three times that you have no knowledge of me… Mark 14:30







Autor: Sir John

Jahrgang 1972, Politischer Werdegeng: Seit dem Jahr 1998 Beschäftigung mit Globalisierung, Neoliberalismus und Geopolitik - 2006 Versuch des Aufbaus einer Regionalwährung. Seit 2007 aktiv in der 9/11 Truth Bewegung. Seit 2008 Mitglied im IPPNW (Ärzte gegen den Atomkrieg) und in der Partei "Die Linke"